How To Train Your Dragon I Movie Review

Since its establishment in 1997, DreamWorks has produced very successful animations, like Shrek, Shark Story, Madagascar, “Hedge”, “Kung Fu Panda”; two years ago, he brought Pixar the best success, He kept bowing to him: a way to train a dragon. The rule of Dreamworks is pretty much as good as Pixar’s stunning settings, music and animation effects, Hiccup, the slim Viking boy and also the scary Vikings dream, it’s actually very cute, even quite the beautiful Night Fury AKA Toothless. this is often the story of “How to coach a Dragon”. i do not want to jot down anything, because some people might not see it, but the story of this movie is extremely serious. it’s a story which will put a stone in many animation environments. Despite the classics-what I said-we said-and are attempting to convince all folks that we are and a wave boy, the reality is that this movie offers something different from the same old Viking story. (At least this may cause you to laugh).

Compared with “Toy Story 3”, “how to Train Your Dragon” may be a film that won the competition, “Toy Story 3” is taken into account one among the most effective films of the year, and its animation production is far less successful. Compared with many of us. It appears like a superficial idea, but once I speak about animation, the primary thing that involves mind is to smile. Of course, this is often not the most foundation of non-Hollywood animation. In “Toy Story 3”, Barbie, Ken and that i (never laughed at anything except the evil teddy bear’s nickname “Soft”) found themselves laughing in many scenes in “How to coach a Dragon” .

This movie can attract not only children, but also people of all ages. we are able to easily understand that DreamWorks has captured Pixar through this feature. i believe you’ll be able to understand why I compared it to “Toy Story 3” thanks to the fierce fighting during the 2 years of its release.
The lighting tricks during this movie are like minded for animation. I didn’t get an opportunity to work out it from the 3D dimension, but I can say that even within the 2D dimension, I found myself an element of the competition. it absolutely was a large success during this regard, and also the film won three Visual Effects Association awards on time. At the identical time, the Incredible Animated Film Awards were among the simplest of Annie’s films with a complete of 16 nominations, of which quite half were nominated. (Toy Story 3 has only 3 nominations. this is often thanks to Pixar’s attitude towards the Gifts Committee).

Besides the effect, another factor that has attracted people’s attention is that the music. Awarded ninefold by ACSAP (American Composers Association) between 98′-06 ‘; Shrek, “Bourne Trilogy”, “Italian Work”, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Robot, “Ice Age: Collapse”, “Ice Age: Dawn of dinosaurs,” Bolt “,” Kung Fu Panda “,” Happy Feet ” , PS. Composed by John Powell, he made the soundtrack of the films “I Love You”, Hancock, “The Smurfs”, “Ice Age: Continental Drift”, “Kung Fu Panda 2”, “Happy Feet 2”, this type of musical The effect is enough to create you’re feeling reception on the Baltic coast. Close your eyes (I wrote all the blockbusters that appear to be successful). Unfortunately, the Oscars Academy came out just two ago years and was nominated for an Oscar for best soundtrack. it’s conceivable that Powell failed to receive the award, but the album he composed still allows him to pay attention to himself. Finally, i need to introduce you to how wonderful the first soundtrack for the film is.

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