The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo Movie Analysis

Mänsom hatar kvinnor is that the first novel in Stieg Larsson’s “Millennium trio” trilogy, sold several copies worldwide, or as we all know, “Dragon Tattoo “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) was adapted into the massive screen by the Danish-born director Niels Arden. Oplev was highly praised by all walks of life in 2009. With Noomi Rapace’s legendary performance, the film has won many awards including BAFTA, and since of Larsson’s commitment to the book and its rich actions, the team they need not witnessed in the flesh recently provided exciting moments for the audience.

David Fincher recently told the story of the establishment of the social network Facebook in an epic way-according to most of them-once used the zodiac sign, Se7en as a detective, and Fight Club. David Fincher personally didn’t like his work, and even completely changed his style “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), which is my favorite movie and shows he’s one in every of the best directors alive within the most eminent films of the 90s. millennium. i do not like him a great deal, yes. i do not just like the director movies he made. Maybe that’s why i favor Benjamin Button, this can be the sole movie that’s not italicized. Until today I saw “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.

Until now, film distributors are divided into two industries, at that point Fincher shot a Hollywood movie in an unprecedented way and released the news of “Dragon Tattoo” on the large screen. One cluster denied this result because it’s been proven countless times how successful recycling is, and once it’s achieved, the social network will soon begin a process that’s not suitable for Fincher’s career. Another group supported Fincher’s decision supported the detective actions disbursed by the director within the past and samples of one in all his strongest characters within the director’s cinema, and believed that there would be an improved version of “Dragon Tattoo” than in 2009. In the end, all the question marks disappeared some months ago. there’s a far better “dragon tattoo” ahead of everyone.

This novel is filled with subtle details and sharp spikes that readers should listen to. “The girl with the dragon tattoo” became a classic within the hands of Oplev, and showed the most effective figure within the hands of Fincher. Journalist Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig) was appointed to unravel the secrets of 1 of Sweden’s richest and most mature families within the shadows of the past, and shortly after, with Detective Lisbeth Sarand (Rooney Ma Rooney Mara (Rooney Mara)) to assist in everything. With the techniques of Oscar-winning screenwriter Steven Zaillian (Steven Zaillian), this action story becomes more engaging. i believe Zaillian may be a better fit Fincher. Fincher entrusted his work to Aaron Sorkin, avoiding chaotic dialogue in Sorkin’s form, and deftly keeping the story between simple and complicated. He doesn’t must remind you of his accomplishments as a screenwriter, so if I tell you that you just now have 20 classics in mind, half them will come from Zaillian.

Within the film, the cast is incredibly broad and a few of them are selected from geographical area to create the film more robust. Although it’s strange that these people speak English in Swedish movies that tell the story of the Swedes, there’s no reasonable explanation to qualify it as a movie flaw. The star Rooney Mara (Rooney Mara) is alleged to shine during this great outfit, as if playing the role of a tattooed dragon. there’s little doubt that Mara is that the most impressive performance within the movie, which doesn’t match Noomi Rapace’s performance, and might even do better. At now, we should always also means that Mara is playing the girl child set for Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg on the social network. i do not like James Bond’s Daniel Craig to shine sort of a Hollywood star, contrary to my expectations. i believe Christopher Plummer (Christopher Plummer) is another star actor within the film, and he believes that this year he will receive the Oscar with beginners.

viewers remembered this movie, which is that the opening sequence you’ve never seen in any of our movies, and it draws you in with novelties and shocks that you just can’t see. there is no question that the film’s composition is great, starting with the adrenaline-seeking music so to the tune of Oscar winners Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. But what I mean is that Reznor and Ross’s works only sound good on film, and once they hear them alone, they will not make much sense to them. Although it is a bit ridiculous, I compared the sound of a bus and motorcycle with the composition of those two musicians. this can be the peace of individuals once I get home after the filming, compared with it. is that this an insult? Not really. It sounds bad to me when it proves to be simple.

Well, you’d say, if you’re so highly praised, why don’t you give this movie top marks? once I separately evaluated all the weather of the film, and a few of them, everything was optimistic. once I put the film before of me as an entire, this year it didn’t produce the effect of “We need to speak about Kevin.” I parted, I live the skin or I help. In fact, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” could be a different genre from all of those movies. Perhaps due to the horror element, I will be with Kevin and Skin, but the detective thriller isn’t very attractive for my taste. If you wish this kind, Dragon Tattoo is unlike all samples of the past, and that i can assure you that it’ll be at the highest of your list. i’ve got little doubt that it’ll be ranked within the top ten in my 2011 best film list: if the essential components of drama are added to detective films, suspense films or action films, especially if the fusion quality is placed within the first place, movies are good on behalf of me.

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